Accommodation and Residence Permit

Once you have been accepted by our university, you will also be assisted with your accommodation before and upon your arrival and residence permits at the immigration office in the city center.


Those who would like to share a house with other students of our university are asked to inform the institutional office a month ago before their arrivals at the latest.


From the first day of your arrival, a mentor student will accompany you whenever you need for your school work, help around to introduce important places and have you get used to living in our city.

We hope you will experience a very good experience at Bartın University.



Free Accommodation in our student houses

Those who apply to Bartın University under the framework of Erasmus mobility and are accepted for one semester for the first time will be able to have the opportunity for complimentary accommodation in the student houses in the city center that Bartın University allocates to them.


Other Accommodation Types

Our university do not offer dormitory on campus. If you would like to stay at a dormitory, there are many private ones in the downtown and we help our incoming students find one if preferred. Or else, for short term accommodation, some of our degree students who already live in an apartment or house may put you up for one semester. For further information please contact us.


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