Erasmus+ Incoming Students

Application Procedure
Academic Year 2020-2021
For our Erasmus+ incoming students from the programme and partner countries, they will find out how to apply to Bartın University below.

Application Procedure
1. Fill out the Application Form (with a passport photo).
2. After having been supervised by departmental coordinators at the both your higher education institution and Bartın University, complete the Learning Agreement with the course subjects that can be chosen from here.
3. Print out the fully completed Application Form and Learning Agreement signed by the Erasmus+ departmental coordinators (University Stamp is also required).
4. A document that certifies you have the required knowledge and skills of English
First Option – A written document stating your English proficiency (B1 level of CEFR recommended)
Second Option – An international Proficiency Exam Result 
5. Make a copy of your identity card or passport
All required documents stated above must be sent in pdf file format the official e-mail address (

1st semester (for Fall): 30th June
2nd semester (for Spring): 30th December

Admission procedure 
Your documents will be reviewed by the main International Relations and Ersamus Office and by the selected host faculty. In case you are accepted for Erasmus study at Bartın University, we will send you an Erasmus acceptance letter and signed Learning Agreement (sent first to your e-mail account given in your application form and then to your home address via normal post).
You will be informed about the accommodation possibilities when receiving your Erasmus+ acceptance letter and other needed documents.
More information about study, programmes and courses can be found in the section "Course catalogue and Information Package". The list of Erasmus+ faculty and departmental coordinators and their contacts can be found here. In case of any questions regarding subjects, learning agreement, lessons etc., feel free to contact our office or our coordinators at academic units.

Accommodation and Residence Permit
Once you have been accepted by our university, you will also be assisted with your accommodation before and upon your arrival and residence permits at the immigration office in the city centre.
Those who would like to share a house with other students of our university are asked to inform the institutional office a month ago before their arrivals at the latest.
From the first day of your arrival, a mentor student will accompany you whenever you need for your school work, help around to introduce important places and have you get used to living in our city.
We hope you will experience a very good experience at Bartın University.

Perks for Incoming Students
Meals at our main cafeteria
They are also provided with inexpensive meals (0,5 euros / 2 meals per day) on the week days at the main cafeterias on either campuses.  They can also choose from the private cafeterias or the restaurants preferably.

Discount Tickets for Public Buses
Students will also have a discount ticket for the buses which is circulated in the city centre, which costs 0,4 euros. In the transit pass, they will not have to pay for it, as well.

Avrupa Komisyonu E+ Tanıtım Günü Dış İlişkiler GK Yönergesi Erasmus Koordinatörlüğü
T.C. AB Bakanlığı E+ Bilgilendirme Toplantıları E+ Yönergesi Öğr. Gör. Ahmet YİRMİBEŞ
Yükseköğretim Kurulu Giden Öğrenci Oryantasyonları E+ Usul ve Esaslar Erasmus Kurumsal Koordinatörü
Türkiye Ulusal Ajansı E+ Kulübü E+ Uygulama El Kitabı E-posta:
Bartın Üniversitesi E+ Tanıtım Materyalleri   Telefon: +90 378 223 5435
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