Erasmus+ Incoming Staff

Bartın University is always eager to welcome the staff members from our partner universities and other universities, too. Those who would like to apply for teaching (STA) or training (STT) assignments at our university, please take the following steps:

How to organise your STA/STT visit to our university?

For your visits, you may contact us in two ways:

  1. Contact Persons (Erasmus+ Faculty, Institute or Departmental Coordinators/Head of Departments): You can make contact with this contact person directly and send her/him your STA/STT Mobility Agreement for approval. Contact persons may also invite you to our university for your mobility, as well. In the mobility agreement should be filled in details. You are expected to clearly state the content of your training/teaching, duration, dates and responsible persons.
  2. In case of not knowing any contact persons stated above, Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus Office can, optionally, be reached by following the above mentioned steps.

All the required issues having been agreed upon the MA for Teaching/Training, you are sent an invitation letter issued and duly signed by our main Erasmus Office.

Since a bilateral agreement is not required for STA mobility, if you are going to visit the department/unit under the framework of a workshop or training, you should previously consult the related department/unit regarding the possibility of receiving such training.


Once you visit has been approved, you are assisted with your accommodation needs before you arrive in Bartın according to your schedule. Accommodation costs will not be covered by our institution and the visiting member will be responsible for her/his own expenses.

Confirmations of your visits will be signed by the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator at the end of STT/STA programme.

At Your Leisure

Bartın is a small but peaceful and cozy city, located in the north west of Turkey. In your free time, you may enjoy your time by visiting tourist attractions and historic places around especially in warm weather. In order to find out more, please click on 'About Bartın' on our website.

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