In order to get to know closer our incoming students, we wanted to have a breakfast last week and Sueda and Selcan, also our Erasmus+ outgoing students for 2017-2018 academic year, Sueda and Selcan had a short interview with some incoming students at Bartın University this year. They met with a welcome breakfast and tried to learn more about them, their first impressions and expectations from our school and city. 


Let’s listen to them:


Sueda (Su): Hi, everyone. I hope you are all well and happy to be here. Could we learn a bit about you? Well, your names, countries and your departments here.


Paula (P): I am Paula. I am from Spain and I study Civil Engineering here.


Bruno (B): Bruno Onetti Garcia from Spain. My department is Civil Engineering but we study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oviedo.


Frosina (Fro): My name is Frosina Gerasimova. I'm from Macedonia. I'm studying Turkish Language and Literature.


Daniel (D): Daniel Calzado López, I’m from Spain and I’m studing Mechanical Engineering.


Tanja (T): My name is Tanja Ilievska, I am from Skopje, Macedonia. I’m at the same department with Frosina.


Friederike (Frie): Friederike Besler from Germany, and I am studying Business and Administration.


Se: How did you decide to apply to Erasmus program? And any special reason that you choose Turkey or Bartın?


Fro: I wanted to meet new people and to travel around the world. That’s why I choose Erasmus.


T: I decided to apply to Erasmus because I wanted to learn Turkish language better in Turkey. I chose Bartın because I liked the place.


P: I thought it could be a great experience. I chose Turkey because here there is a different culture and the experience could be still better. This opportunity could be unique.


Frie: I think it is a good way to learn more about different cultures and people, so I decided to do it. I choose Turkey because the life in here is quite different to my life in Germany, so I expected the most different and interesting experiences.


B: I think it is a good experience that everyone should live. I think it is a good opportunity to meet new people and a different culture. Sincerely, first of all, I chose Bartin because it was the only option for me having in count that I do not have any English title and secondly because I wanted to live in another culture and everyone I talked with told me that their experience in Turkey was awesome and that the people are kind.


D: I agree with Bruno. Because I wanted to know other countries and different cultures, so I could choose Turkey and I took it. And I chose Bartın.


Su: Have you ever been in Turkey before?


B: No, I have never.


P: No, I’ve never been in Turkey before.


D: It’s my first time in Turkey.


Fro: Yes, I went to Konya, Alanya, Nevşehir, Istanbul and Bartın. They were nice cities.


T: I am coming for first time in Turkey.

Frie: I was in Istanbul once and that's it.


Su: So, how do you spend a day here? I mean, your daily routines... And, may we have your opinion about Bartın and our university?


Fro: We have lectures every day. We go to school and then go to the downtown to spend some time there. We usually spend our time by studying at night.


B: It depends on the day, but some of the things I do are: going to the gym, meeting friends from school, going to the downtown or university. Actually, I like Bartin. It is better than I expected. People are awesome. I am really good here and so far I have enjoyed this experience. I also like the university and I think the new one will be a great campus in the future. Even now, it is a good place to study and pass the time.  Our teachers do their best to make sure that we understand the lessons and they have a close contact.


T: I liked your city and your university, the city is very small but is so beautiful, and at the university there are so many people and everything is interesting here. I find it easy to understand the lesson and the teachers are explaining on their best way and till now everything is good.


D: I usually go to the University in the morning, and then I have lunch there at 1 p.m. In the evening, I return to my dormitory and do something like searching information about the subjects or doing homework, etc. Then, at 7 p.m. more or less I usually go to the gym with other students who live at my dormitory. As for our lessons here, we also have good teachers at the university.


Se: So, what do you expect to do here like partying, having a traditional night or which tourist attractions do you wish to visit around Bartın?


Fri: Any suggestions that you make sound great and I’m up for everything! Visiting Ankara or nices places around Bartın like the Ulukaya Waterfall, The Küre Mountains National Park or Safranbolu would be nice to visit. I also like trekking and would like to climb up onto a high mountain and enjoy the view.


D: I just like to travel to different cities like Istanbul and Ankara. I also hope to learn a bit of the Turkish culture.


T: I also want to go to different cities and see how Turkish people live there, too. I can meet so many people, have a conversation with them and learn something new about their lives and cities. I need to improve my Turkish by learning new words. For sure, I like partying, too.


Fro: I want to go to Ankara and stay there for few days because I want to visit Anıtkabir. We came in Turkey, different culture, different people, amazing place so we want to have experience with almost everything you can prepare or we can do it together.


P: I would like to make some activities if there could be possible like buggies, karting, riding a horse. I would like to go to Inkumu, Ulukaya, the Küre Mountains National Park or some places near Bartin. It could be also a great option saw how is a traditional night here like the traditional food for example.


B: I don’t mind if they are Turkish students or Erasmus students but they are good ideas: Karts, Paintball, Quads, going to natural parks, dicovering the country, having a traditional night, tasting traditional food and of course having trips but anywhere you recommend us.

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